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Department in brief

  • the department started teaching in 1952/1953 and in near future it will celebrate 70 years of existence,
  • since 2019 the department adjusted its official name to the Department of Economic and Social Geography, Demography and Territorial Development,
  • it is consisting of two divisions – Economic and Social Geography (1) and Demography and Demogeography (2),
  • currently the department has two professors, six associate professors, 13 lecturers and researchers, two administrative and technical staff,
  • we are the only department specialised on education and training in human geography (with attention to economic, social political, urban, cultural geography), demography (focusing on population structures and processes, population policies, forecasting) and related GIS applications in Slovakia,
  • we co-operate extensively in education activities with other three departments of geography integrated into Geographical Section of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University, as well as e.g. with colleagues based in Demographic Research Centre at INFOSTAT in Bratislava,
  • our programmes are regularly updated, newly adopted programmes will start in academic year 2020/2021,
  • the department has well developed network of partnerships, including those serving for Erasmus+ exchange (e.g. University of Portsmouth, Bremen University, Freie University Berlin, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan, Warsaw University, Charles University Prague, University Szeged, University de León, University of Minho – Guimares, L. Eötvös University Budapest),
  • since 2005, we prepared whole series of new or updated university textbooks in Slovak,
  • we are providing rising number of courses in English,
  • publication outcomes document our research leadership in this field in Slovakia thanks to more than 20 studies published and registered in database Current Contents and more than 40 studies registered in WoS and SCOPUS databases during 2014-2018
  • usual outcomes are also numerous monographs and book chapters (including those published in leading academic publishing houses like Springer, Routledge etc.),
  • we are regularly working on research projects funded by research agencies in Slovakia, projects funded from EU sources in Slovakia (in wider partnerships), not mentioning other international projects supported from various sources and with various partners,
  • members of our staff are participating in work of nationwide advisory bodies (including those affiliated to central state ministries) and associations, regular are our consultancy activities and research on behalf of various public administration and commercial entities,
  • the department is deeply involved in activities of IGU Commission on Geography of Governance (see www.igu-gog.org), as well as other professional associations active in geography and demography.

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