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Scientific activities at the department are organised according to research groups and research projects supported by grants. Research groups reflect the development of research priorities in human geography and demography, as well as external demand generated by public and private sectors. They reflect actual research activities of members of the department. Scientific and research works are based on their spontaneous interactions and joint effort resulting in particular research projects and scientific publications. Nevertheless, among individual research groups and their members exist intensive collaboration.

Research groups:

» Geography and Complex Social Systems
Team members: S. Ondoš, J. Rusnák, P. Korec, D. Kusendová, P. Ďurček, L. Belušák
Main research directions:
  • Philosophy and theory of spatial organisation of the society
  • Methodology and modelling of complex dynamic systems
  • Social networks, methods of network analysis and their applications
  • Social dynamics, evolution and self-organisation
  • Knowledge, education and innovations
» Selected publications and projects of the research group

» Demographic Analyses and Forecasts and Human Resources Research
Team members: B. Bleha, B. Šprocha, M. Káčerová, G. Nováková, P. Ďurček, A. Kakaš, M. Szabo
Main research directions:
  • Demographic processes – factors and processes of changes
  • Spatial dimension of demographic development – regional and local level
  • Geostatistical methods in demographic inequalities measurements
  • Demographic development and human resources forecasts
  • Population policies
» Selected publications and projects of the research group

» Political Geography, Geography of Elections and European Union Policies
Team members: J. Buček, M. Plešivčák, V. Przybyla
Main research directions:
  • Democracy, participation and governance
  • National, regional and local context on electoral behaviour
  • Political geographical aspects of social and economic development
  • Political geography at local level and EU policies of urban and rural development
  • Geographical aspects of EU policies and Cohesion Policy impact on social, economic and political development
  • Management and monitoring of EU funds and their territorial distribution
» Selected publications and projects of the research group

» Cities, Settlement Systems and Bratislava City Region
Team members: P. Korec, V. Slavík, B. Bleha, M. Horňák, A. Rochovská, I. Bučeková, M. Plešivčák, R. Fila, K. Matejová
Main research directions:
  • Transformation processes in cities, urban development and related conflicts
  • Processes of suburbanisation and changing hinterland of cities
  • Identification and hierarchy of settlement structures, interurban linkages
  • Segregation, gentrification, gated communities, housing
  • Urban shrinkage and its consequences
  • Urban spatial structure
  • Territorial and strategic urban planning
» Selected publications and projects of the research group

» Geography of Public Administration and Public Policy
Team members: V. Slavík, J. Buček, V. Bačík, M. Klobučník
Main research directions:
  • Spatial dimension of public administration and public policies
  • Reform processes in self-government and state administration
  • Public finance, local finance and financialization
  • Cross-border and international partner co-operation
  • Urban policy and regional policy
  • E-government and digitisation in public administration
  • Comparative studies in public administration and public policy
» Selected publications and projects of the research group

» Creation of Atlases and Visualisation of Geographic and demographic Data
Team members: D. Kusendová, V. Bačík, J. Majo, M. Klobučník
Main research directions:
  • Application of new techniques and tools in visualisation of geographic and demographic data
  • Development and optimisation of suitable thematic tools for cartographic visualisation
  • Analyses of spatial social and economic linkages by geoinformatic tools
  • Digitisation of historical statistical and mapping sources
  • Development of human geographic and demographic databases for atlases preparation and their elaboration in GIS environment (desktop mapping) and by means of graphic software (desktop publishing)
  • Visualisation of geographic databases on Internet
» Selected publications and projects of the research group

» Diversity, Inequalities, Accessibility
Team members: M. Horňák, A. Rochovská, M. Káčerová, J. Majo, S. Ondoš, J. Rusnák, G. Nováková, B. Šprocha, P. Spišiak, L. Málikova, J. Antoš
Main research directions:
  • Social and cultural geography of rural environment
  • Research of ethnic and confessional diversity of Central European society
  • Social inequalities, poverty and exclusion
  • Marginalised Roma communities
  • Development of selected demographic structures and its impact on social development (with focus on ageing)
  • Transport accessibility and inequalities in accessibility of opportunities
  • Social policy and social care
» Selected publications and projects of the research group

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